VB Kanchi Verans vs. Luca Kocai Kings

Tamil Nadu premier league 2018

Lyca Kovai Kings vs. VB Kanchi Veerans

Venue: Indian cement company ground, Tirunelveli Time: 7:15 pm, 29.07.2018

Another match of this day. VB Kanchi Veerans is bottom of the table and Lyca Kovai Kings is third of the points table. Both team wants to win this match. Specially VB Kanchi Veerans because this is the do or die match for themselves. 

Weather of Tirunelveli: Partly cloudy

temp: 31 degrees. Humidity: 52 %

Lyca Kovai Kings Probable XI

§  Pradesh Ranjan Paul

§  Ravi Kumar Rihith

§  S Ajith Ram

§  Suresh Kumar

§  R Sathyanarayan

§  Abhinav Mukund

§  M Raja

§  Antony Dhas

§  Shahrukh Khan

§  T Natarajan

§  Suresh Babu

VB Kanchi Veerans Probable XI

§  RS Mokit Hariharan

§  P Francis Rokins

§  S Siddharth

§  K Deeban Lingesh

§  Sunil Sam

§  U Mukilesh

§  Subramania Shiva

§  Aushik Srinivas

§  K Vishal Vaidhya

§  S Lokeshwar

§  Baba Aparajit


Head to head: Lyca Kovai Kings 1 – 1 VB Kanchi Veerans

Toss analytics: Will Update Soon


Final Tip: Will Update Soon

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